Pallet Flow Rack Systems

Pallet flow rack consists of Engineered Products in-house designed and manufactured boltless pallet rack or structural pallet rack integrated with our in-house designed and manufactured gravity flow rails and gravity flow speed controllers. Flow rails decline from the loading side of the structural or boltless pallet flow rack to the unloading side of the pallet racks. Pallet flow speed controllers control the speed of the pallet as it moves down the flow rails. As one load is removed from the unloading side of the pallet flow racks, the next load flows down into the unloading position.

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Application Specific Pallet Flow Racking

Our pallet flow racking systems are configured and designed for each application. Engineered Products can design, manufacture, and install your Pallet Flow system from the ground up, or retrofit almost any static structural or boltless pallet rack system to be a more efficient dynamic gravity flow storage system. Flow rails drop into place using existing pallet rack components as their support structure. With load capacities of up to 5000 lbs our Pallet Flow Racking maximizes storage density with its flow-through gravity flow design, allowing pallet loads to flow under controlled speed to the discharge position for removal.

Pallet Flow racking transforms wasted aisle space into valuable high density storage by storing product many pallets deep and putting nearly every foot of floor space and air space to profitable use.

Pallet flow rack allows easy rotation of inventory on a first-in/first-out basis, making it a good choice for storing dated products. It can be used for picking by the piece, carton or pallet.

Pallet Flow Rack System Features

  • Flexible Pallet Flow Racking rail system
  • Reduces Warehouse Cost via automatic gravity flow pallet rotation
  • Easy, Efficient Product Loading and Unloading
  • First In / First Out(FIFO) Pallet & Product Storage
  • Freezer and Cool Room Applicable
  • Heavy Duty Long Life Construction
  • Reduced Aisle Space By 60 to 70%
  • Increased Warehouse Utilization and Space Savings
  • Reduced Fork Lift Damage as pallet or carton flows to the operator or unloading area
  • Designed to integrate with both EP manufactured Pallet Rack and other manufacturers structural rack or boltless rack.