Pick Module Distribution Systems

Warehouse Pick Modules are high density storage systems, that integrate various storage solutions (pallet flow rack, carton flow rack, pallet rack, push back rack, mezzanine rack) inside multi-level work platforms, allowing product to move more efficiently through a multilevel warehouse or distribution center.

Pick Module System Rack Components

Every Pick Module is unique but the typically employ the integration of the some or all of  the following warehouse rack components

This video compresses the installation and completion of a Multilevel Pick Module System that was engineered, manufactured, and installed by Engineered Products at Gildan Active Wear’s warehouse distribution center.

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Multilevel Picking System

Multi Level Pick Modules may be two, three, four,  levels high and  are customized by Engineered Products to meet your warehouse or distributions centers unique requirements.

As an RMI Compliant designer, manufacturer, and installer of pallet rack, pallet flow, carton flow, push back rack, and rack supported mezzanines, Engineered Products is uniquely qualified to design our multi-level picking systems  to suit your warehouse or distribution centers unique requirements.