Pallet Flow Speed Controller

Palletrak Pallet flow Speed Controllers control the speed of the pallet load or container on the roller tracks; the pallets or containers then flow at a constant speed.

  • One Speed Controller or Brake is generally located for each pallet position
  • Flow rate is a function of the track slope
    • Conveyability of the load (conveying surface must be in good condition)
    • Environment such as wet, cold, hot…

Pallet Flow Speed Controllers or Brakes are either direct braking or indirect braking.

Direct Mount Speed Controllers are in direct contact with the load.

Indirect Mount Speed Controllers: The contact surface of the Speed Controller or Brake is suspended under the load rollers.

Palletrak Pallet Flow Speed Controllers maintain the speed of pallets. They are self energized devices and require no external power or air source, deriving their braking action thru centrifugal force derived from the motion of the conveyed objects.

Series 050 Speed Controller

Series 050 can be used for direct and indirect speed control and are designed to control the speed of pallets or containers using centrifugal force.

pallet flow brake

Series 200 Speed Controller

The rubber tire is driven directly by the pallet. Rotation of the tire prevents pallet acceleration. All gears are made of hardened steel and lubricated to -30° F. For use in blast cells to -60°F.

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