Pallet Racks – Racking

Take your pallet racking to the next level. Engineered Products’ Conventional Static Pallet Racks are built to our first-class standards of quality and are compatible with other major pallet racking brands for easy incorporation with your existing warehouse racks.

Structural Pallet Rack

Now you can have the benefit of Engineered Products fifty years of system experience in a pre-engineered structural pallet racks. Bolted steel Structural Rack offers maximum versatility and incredible durability–perfect for storage areas with high traffic and heavy loads. Multiple upright column types are available as well as a selection of colors. Engineered Products bolted steel structural rack is compatible with other vendors and may be installed either standalone or as the supporting structure of rack supported buildings.

Boltless Pallet Rack

Boltless Pallet Rack

Our space maker, low cost and quick to set up, pallet racks comprises a pre-engineered Boltless Pallet Racking System that meets the Engineered Products standard of quality, long life, durability, and are compatible with other boltless pallet racks. They are ideal for factories and warehouses with a high volume of palletized products and storage space. Three different connector designs are available, allowing rack elements to be interchanged with other leading boltless rack. All boltless pallet racks are available in a your choice of colors.

Welded Bed Section

Selective Pallet Rack

Engineered Products Durabuilt® selective pallet racking is a welded bed structural pallet racks design has been proven stronger and more impact resistant than beam and frame pallet racks in over 40 years of installation. Durabuilt selective pallet racking can be designed to store pallets, cartons, varied sizes of rolls, or a wide variety of specialty loads. Impact resistance to lift trucks means lower maintenance costs and greater employee safety

Drive In Pallet Rack

Drive-In Pallet Rack

Drive-in pallet racks are a high density structural rack storage system designed to maximize usage of available warehouse racking space, while providing access to any pallet in the system. Engineered Products Drive-In pallet racks are specially designed for impact resistance, safety and durability. Our design features enable us to build structural racks of such structural stability that towers are not needed in racking systems less than four pallets deep. Drive in racks may be installed as the supporting structure of a rack supported buildings or free standing

Double Deep Pallet Rack

Double Deep Pallet Rack

Double deep pallet racks provides greater utilization of existing warehouse space due to the density of the loads stored and narrow aisle design of the structural racks. On a cost-per-pallet basis, double deep pallet racking is significantly less costly than conventional structural pallet rack. All EP structural racks are available in multiple colors and can be installed free standing or as the supporting structure of rack supported buildings.

Pallet Racks

Industrial Racks

Engineered products industrial pallet racks are fabricated using structural channel for both uprights and beams and provide increased durability, strength, and reduced maintenance costs compared to roll formed industrial racking systems

push back rack

Pallet Storage Racks

Pallet Storage racks from Engineered Products set the standard for quality warehouse storage racks. EP has been designing, manufacturing and installing warehouse storage racking systems for over 55 years.

Rack Repair

Pallet Rack Repair

Engineered Products Rack repair service reclaims and improves your pallet racking system’s structural integrity and safety. EP pallet rack repair engineers provide a complete inspection report, cost estimate, repair kits, and installation.

Pallet Rack Installation

Pallet Rack Installation

Above all else pallet rack installation demands experience. Engineered Products has been installing pallet rack, pallet flow rack, carton flow rack, ASRS Rack, Pick Modules and Rack Supported Buildings since 1955.

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