FlexTrak Bed Carton Flow Racks

FlexTrak Bed Carton Flow Features

  • Installs in new or existing rack applications
  • Drop-in design allows for easy addition to existing shelving without the use of tools
  • Laneless design accommodates changing product, tote, and carton dimensions allowing products to be placed in any carton flow bed location without lane reconfiguration.
  • Carton flow hangers act as a front stop
  • Full flow bed of rollers provides flexible carton flow support and consistent carton flow
  • Great for use in: Seasonal Products, Dynamic Slotting, e-commerce, High SKU turnover
Flextrak bed carton flow rack is ideal for new or existing carton flow racks with variable SKU product lanes. Flextrak bed carton flow rack provides a full flow bed of carton flow. Since carton lanes are not predefined by roller width, no reconfiguration is required when carton and tote sizes change. Flextrak carton flow bed allows any product, tote, or carton to be placed in any location. Flextrak can be incorporated with pallet racks, mezzanines, replenish storage, and pick-to-light systems.

In order pick areas, Flextrak allows maximum flexibility of pick faces when pick lanes, SKU’s, carton size, and tote size change frequently. Flextrak bed carton flow minimizes operator interference as picking and restocking occurs at different ends of the carton flow racks.

Engineered Products also designs, manufactures and installs complete Pick Modules (incorporating Carton Flow, Pallet Rack, Rack Supported Mezzanine, Pallet Flow, Push Back Rack) ensuring that all components fit for ease of installation.

Flextrak carton flow bed systems are compatible with all existing flow rack systems with step or structural beams similar to our SelecTrak Carton Flow Rack.

In-House Engineering

Having professional engineers in-house means we’re armed and ready to meet any and all storage challenges. Need more space for production? Need to break pallets for faster picking? Or perhaps you need a redesign to accommodate a product addition. Whatever the case, our engineers know storage and racking inside and out, and have the expertise to make it happen.

Individualized Design

No two problems are the same, therefore neither are any two storage solutions. We make sure we understand not only your challenges, constraints and business goals in relation to your storage facility, but how your material handling system fits into your operation as a whole. From there we create a truly customized storage solution to perfectly fit your unique needs.

Unrivaled Support Team

You’ll never feel lost or out of the loop when you partner with Engineered Products. Our top-notch team of product, engineering and installation experts will make sure you know and understand exactly what’s happening every step of the way; and our customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions.

Physical Specs

  • FlexTrak is manufactured in 12” or 15” bf widths
  • An 18” width is available upon request
  • FlexTrak supports 50 psf with unsupported lengths up to 8’-0”
  • Product guides are not required but entry separators and/or full length lane dividers are available upon request (no hardware required)
  • Pitch requirement based on product weight and type of packaging
  • Heavier or smaller products may require roller assemblies on 2” centers

Lane Capacities

Speed and precision play a pivotal role in warehouse and distribution center operations. Proper product flow is essential to improving supply chain efficiency and keeping your workers’ stress and strain to a minimum. Knowing your lane capacity allows proper configuration and maximum productivity, with your product flowing the pick points right on time.

FlexTrak lanes over 10’ 0” in length require an intermediate support beam.
Please note that the longest span will dictate the lane capacity.
Maximum 40 lbs/ft for 18” bf lanes.

FlexTrak Applications

Focus more on your customers and less on your products with the fluidity offered by FlexTrak. Change configurations to flow with your needs with seasonal products, dynamic slotting, e-commerce or high-turnover SKU applications. Our experts will help you optimize performance and productivity for maximum profit.


Our first step is to understand your inventory requirements. Are your carton sizes consistent or do they vary by SKU? Do SKUs, carton types and sizes change frequently? Is system re-slotting a concern? With these answers, choosing your options is a snap.

Design Your Solution

We help many different industries determine what kind of storage equipment is ideal for their product mix and operational needs. Obviously, there are a whole host of options from the simple to the complex.

We will help you determine the best mix to keep your business booming by noticing the elephant in the room. Evaluation of the height of your shelf openings in flow rack is a good place to start. If some cases are taller than others, it causes difficulty for pickers reaching into them. In the meantime, lower profile cartons have copious amounts of wasted space between them and the next level. To maximize your system’s capacity, consider grouping cartons of similar sizes together, or regularly reconfiguring your carton flow beam spacing to fit the current inventory profile.

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