Multi-Stringer Bed Racks

When it comes to warehouse racks for large heavy textile rolls and cartons, Engineered Products has over 45 years of experience. Our multi-stringer bed racks are especially suited for storage of heavy loads with high inventory turnover, such as textile rolls and cartons. Even our standard all-welded bed sections are stronger and more rigid than shelves with clip-together members. Extra heavy gauge steel is used in both bed sections and uprights, and in the multi-stringer bed, additional front-to-rear runners are welded into the bed for impact resistance. Our heavy duty design reduces damage to racks and product from fork lift impact, and special design features reduce product losses from snags. Bed sections are bolted to uprights for maximum stability. To reduce snagging and product damage during warehouse handling, all support members are recessed, and all surfaces that come in contact with the roll are rounded, including flanges on the under side of the bed. Wide flanges provide a larger support surface to avoid creasing roll goods.

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