Five Deep Push Back Rack

In the graphic below a five deep push back rack system utilizing four rolling carts, which slide from front of the pallet racks to rear of the pallet rack, replaces 5 rows of selective pallet rack. Up to five pallets are loaded into the push back pallet rack from the aisle side of the rack system, exiting pallets are pushed to the rear to make space. Push Back pallet racks utilize standard fork lifts. Push back rack can be installed in standard warehouse or as the supporting structure in a push back rack supported building. Push back racks provide a cost effective alternative when “last-in/first-out” inventory rotation is used. Pallets are stored five pallets deep in a five deep push back rack system. This provides 55% more storage space with fewer aisles than conventional structural rack. Push back racks allow greater selectivity than drive in structural racks, while providing excellent utilization of storage positions.

Five Deep Push Back Pallet Rack System Advantages

  • Increase warehouse capacity up to 55% over conventional structural racks
  • Push Back Structural Racks provides three to four times the selectivity of drive in structural racks
  • Push Back Structural Rack provides faster access, than double deep structural rack as pallets are placed and retrieved directly from the aisle
  • Push Back Racks do not require specialized fork lifts
  • Easily retrofitted into existing drive in structural racks or selective structural rack.
  • Push Rack Supported Building

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