Mezzanine Rack

An overhead mezzanine rack system is the best warehouse racking solution when you need additional floor space for office, storage, assembly, or light manufacturing. Much less costly than expansion, mezzanine racking systems allow utilization of unused overhead space. Overhead Mezzanine rack system installations range from 250 to over 250,000 square feet, and mezzanine racking often qualify for short term depreciation. Engineered Products Mezzanine Racks modular concept offers flexibility and economy. The unique studded connections provide easy erection, revision or relocation. A choice of deck surfaces is available- T&G plywood, bar grating, or plank grating. A complete range of mezzanine rack accessories includes handrails, kick plates, stairways, ladders, pallet jacks, carts, and gates. Contact EP today to discuss your mezzanine racking system requirements.

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