Push Back Rack Systems

In push back rack systems, pallets are placed on nested rolling carts, which slide from the front of the pallet racks to the rear of the pallet rack on a gently graded slope. Pallets are both loaded and unloaded from the same front facing aisle. As new pallets are loaded into the push back pallet rack from the aisle side of the rack system, existing pallets are pushed to the rear to make space. Push Back pallet racks utilize standard fork lifts. Push back racking can be installed in a standard warehouse or as the supporting structure in a push back rack supported building. Push back racks are an excellent choice to create high-density storage if First-In/First-Out inventory rotation is not a requirement.

Selective structural racks provide fast access from the aisle to each individual pallet. Selective structural pallet racking systems are the most widely used pallet racking system, are very versatile, and are the best choice for fast moving products. Installation options include high rise structural pallet rack supported buildings as well as installation in warehouses racking and distribution centers.

Push Back Rack System Advantages

  • Push Back Racking increases warehouse capacity up to 75% over conventional structural racks
  • Push Back Structural Racks provides three to four times the selectivity of drive in structural racks
  • Push Back Structural Rack provides faster access, than double deep structural rack as pallets are placed and retrieved directly from the aisle
  • Push Back Racks do not require specialized fork lifts
  • Easily retrofitted into existing drive in structural racks or selective structural rack.
  • Push Back Racks in a Rack Supported Building

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Push Back Racking Systems Cost Savings

The availability of pre-formed structural steel makes structural racks an economical storage system, while providing heavy load capacity and high impact resistance. Uprights and beams are of heavy wall construction,  further reinforcements are added to the uprights to enable structural rack to resist damage from forklifts.

Push Back Racking System Types

Engineered Products supplies push back racking in two deep, three deep, four deep, five deep, and six deep configurations. Load beams and upright frames can either be roll formed tear drop style or structural bolt together. The graphic above shows single aisle access to 2 deep, 3 deep, 4 deep, and 5 deep push back racks