Pallet Rack Repair

Engineered Products Rack repair service reclaims and improves your pallet racking system’s structural integrity and safety. EP pallet rack repair engineers provide a complete inspection report, cost estimate, repair kits, and installation. EP repairs structural racks, bolt-less racks, double deep racks, drive in racks, push back racks, carton flow racks, pallet flow racks, mezzanine racks, and both EP racks and other vendors racking systems. Failing to repair damaged racks (pallet racks, structural pallet rack, flow racks, ASRS racks, etc) leads to injuries, expensive insurance claims, damaged product, and warehouse delays. Rack Repair kits installed by Engineered Products pallet rack repair engineers will restore and extend the structural racks integrity, stability, and safety of your storage rack systems. Engineers from EP will inspect your damaged pallet racking and provide complete repair service. EP’s repair service includes a safety inspection of your structural racks, repair recommendation report, repair kit fabrication, delivery and installation. In most cases racks do not have to be unloaded.

Need a Pallet Rack Repair?

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EP Pallet Rack Repair Highlights

  • RMI Certified Pallet Rack Repair
  • EP Pallet Rack Repair Engineer Performs On site Inspection.
  • EP provides safety inspection and repair recommendation report.
  • EP fabricates repair kit and or replacement beams, frames, etc.
  • EP delivers and installs repair kits and replacement components.
  • Contact us for a rack repair kit and repair service quote today.

Rack Repair Kits for Any Rack System

EP performs rack repairs on previously installed Engineered Product pallet racks, structural racks, boltless, drive in, double deep, push back, cantilever, mezzanine, carton flow, and pallet flow rack systems as well as other suppliers’s pallet racks system. Whether roll formed pallet racks or structural rack frames, knock-down or welded, bolted racks or boltless racks, Engineered Products has a solution to repair or improve your rack system’s structural integrity, safety, and reliability.