AS/RS Shuttle Racking

Engineered Products AS/RS Shuttle Rack Systems are designed to support high-density storage systems that utilize powered shuttles. Each AS/RS Shuttle rack system is designed for your products size and shape, as well as the specification of the shuttle manufacturer. There are generally two categories of Shuttle ASRS racking systems. Mini-Load shuttle systems are designed to handle small containers such as cases, trays, totes, and cartons. Case and tote loads typically fall in 5 to 100 pound range. Unit load shuttle systems are designed to handle pallets or skids and might weight between 1000 and 3500 lbs. In both Mini-Load and Unit-Load Shuttle racking systems, materials are transferred to and from the storage area via shuttle, instead of cranes, conveyors, or forklifts.

Engineered Products has been designing, manufacturing, and installing AS/RS Shuttle racks since 1955. Typical shuttle racking applications include libraries, automotive, electronics, textiles, food and beverage, retail, or any environment requiring a small footprint, high density, high speed storage.

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