Selectrak Carton Flow Racks

Selectrak carton flow rack is ideal for new or existing racks utilizing step or structural beams for flow rail support. Selectrak converts static storage racks into high capacity flow rack picking systems. Gravity flow enables items to be rotated on a first in first out basis and keeps items visible and within reach at all times SKU pick faces are maximized because only one case or carton of each SKU is presented to the picker. Incorporating pallet rack and mezzanine rack further enhances pick faces. Pick accuracy is enhanced when Selectrak carton flow racks are combined with a pick-to-light system. For new or existing flow rack systems, with dedicated shelf frames, EP’s TrayTrak Carton Flow Lanes are an ideal solution. Engineered Products also designs, manufactures, and installs Pick Modules, multilevel picking systems, utilizing EP manufactured Carton Flow, Pallet Rack, Pallet Flow, Push Back Rack, and Mezzanine Rack.

Selectrak Carton Flow Rack Features

  • Flexible and simple installation between pallet rack beams with simple supports
  • Front and rear supports are available for structural beams, step beams, and dedicated shelf frames
  • Required vertical space is reduced
  • Drop-in design allows for easy addition to existing racks and does not require the use of tools
  • Full width aluminum carton flow rollers provide the total carton and case support and consistent flow from stocking position to picking position
  • Multiple hanger design increase installation flexibility allowing the use of both EP manufactured rack, existing rack, or carton flow rack supplied by another manufacturer
  • Cantilever knuckle design presents products for easy picking of split cases and cartons or full cases and cartons
  • Durable galvanized steel channels and aluminum rollers

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