Pallet Flow Rack Staggered Wheel

The 3000 series is a pallet flow rail designed for Flow Through Storage Systems capable of handling pallet loads from 1,000 lbs. to 4,000 lbs. Typical applications include deep lane pallet flow, order picking and GMA (shipping pallet) flow storage.

Series 3000 wheels are extra heavy duty construction throughout. Flow wheels are zinc-plated 3″ diameter with a 1″ crowned face. Load bearing capacity is conservatively rated at 300 lbs. static. Inner and outer bearing races are hardened and prelubricated for operation in temperatures ranging from 150° F to -30° F.

The 3000 series Pallet Flow Rails are available in various lengths with flow wheels mounted as required. Standard channels are 4″ high x 1 1/8″ flange x 12 gauge galvanized steel. Mounting holes are provided on the bottom flange for easy installation.

The 3000 series Pallet Flow Rack Systems are custom designed for each pallet handling application, and are engineered to mesh with other material handling systems. Pallet Flow maximizes your storage density with its flow-through gravity fed design, allowing pallet loads to flow under continuous speed control to the discharge end for convenient removal. Wasted aisle space is transformed into valuable FIFO storage.

Pallet Flow Staggered Wheel Features:

  • Flow rails are fabricated of 12 gauge galvanized steel channel, and are repetitively punched for flexibility with 3″ diameter wheels double staggered on 2″ centers
  • Wheels are themoplastic or cast aluminum, and are fitted with eight 1/4″ diameter precision ground ball bearings for long wear life and low friction
  • 5″ @ 6.7 lb. structural channel for entry and discharge horizontal rail supports and 3″ @ 4.1 lb. structural channel for internal rail supports with weights over 2,000 lbs. per single bay is recommended
  • In most cases, frames are 50″ overall depth with space between the frames of 46″

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