Pallet Flow Rack Slave Pallet

The 9000 series captive pallet flow storage systems are designed to handle a wide variety of Captive Pallets while operating virtually maintenance free in temperatures from 150° F to -30° F. Typical applications include deep lane pallet flow, captive and slave pallet flow storage, and plastic pallets flow storage.

The 9000 series pallet flow storage system is typically pitched at 1/4″ per foot. This pitch is important to obtain a smooth consistent flow of captive pallets. The speed control system is designed to control pallets from 400 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. in the same flow lane. Typical captive pallets are constructed of 1 1/8″ exterior plywood with a 11 or 12 gauge steel runner on each side.

Frame depth and spacing between frames are selected first. In most cases, frames are 50″ overall depth with spaces between the frames of 46.” With this combination of 50″ frames and 46″ space, the “Z” rail will be pitched at 1/4″ per foot and bolted on 48″ centers. There should be a 5″ clearance between the top of the product load and the bottom of the overhead steel. Typically, providing 12″ between the top of a load and the bottom of the next pallet level allows ample space for the flow rail, rail support and 5″ clearance.

The “Z” shaped, 12 gauge galvanized steel rails are repetitively punched for flexibility. Wheels can be mounted in 2″ increments starting with 4″ and 6″ centers, depending on pallet weight. Standard wheel mounting is 6″ center for 2,500 lbs. pallet loads.

Flow wheels are cast aluminum, 3″ diameter with a crowned face. Bearing load capacity is conservatively rated at 600 lbs. static. Inner and outer bearing races are hardened and pre-lubricated for operation from 150° F to -30° F.

Pallet Flow Slave Pallet Features:

  • Flow rails are fabricated of 12 gauge galvanized steel channel, and are repetitively punched for flexibility with 1.9″ diameter wheels on 2″ centers
  • Wheels are cast aluminum and are fitted with eight 1/4″ diameter precision ground ball bearings for long wear life and low friction
  • Entrance and discharge upright frames with a double front column and deflector foot is recommended
  • 5″ @ 6.7 lb. structural channel for entry and discharge horizontal rail supports and 3″ x 4.1 lb. structural channel for internal rail supports with weights up to 5,000 lbs. per single bay is recommended
  • In most cases, frames are 50″ overall depth with space between the frames of 46″

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