Drive-In Rack | Drive In Racking

Drive-In rack is a high density pallet rack storage system designed to maximize usage of available storage space, while providing access to any pallet rack in the structural drive-in racking system. Engineered Products Drive-In racks are specially designed for the additional impact resistance, durability, and safety required in drive-in racking due to the increased likely hood of forklift contact with drive thru pallet racks. Our design features enable us to build drive-in pallet racks of such structural stability that towers are not needed in drive-in racking systems less than four pallets deep. EP also provides drive-in rack supported buildings utilizing Drive-In Racking.

Drive-In Racking Features:

  • Welded structural pallet rack support rails are far stronger than drive-in rack pallet rack support rails that are clipped to upright assemblies
  • Heavy duty bolted drive-in structural rack construction provides security while permitting 2″ or 3″ vertical adjustment
  • Guided angle drive-in rack load rails to prevent pallets falling through by controlling the width of the opening. Other optional load rail designs available
  • Optional cant-leg design of aisle side uprights is available to further reduce fork lift truck damage to drive-in racking
  • “Clean base” uprights available for maximum sanitation
  • Available as stand alone drive-in racking installation  or as the supporting structure of drive-in rack supported buildings

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